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Landscape or Portrait?

Landscape or Portrait?

Paper is usually used with the longest dimension as the height, the shortest dimension being the width, for example, when 297mm of A4 paper is the height and the 210mm dimension is the width. This is known as PORTRAIT format. When used the other way, with the longest dimension as the width and the shortest as the height, this is termed LANDSCAPE.

Please take a look at our video about portrait and landscape formats.

The binding is usually to the left of the paper/page/pocket. Imagine this as you would read a book, turning the pages from right to left.

Things get more complicated when using easel binders, or any system where you are turning over pages from bottom to the top rather than right to left.

You may be using an easel binder which presents a landscape view to an audience but, as it is bound at the top it will use portrait pockets. Similarly, an easel binder which presents a portrait or vertical format will use landscape pockets. Talk to us if you are unsure, before you order please.

Please read our pockets for easel binders or flip charts page.